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    Hypnosis : how does it work ?

    Gregory Dr Schoukroun
    Publisher : Clément Editions Publication date : 2013-12
    Format : PDF,ePub

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    Hypnosis has never been so popular. Indeed, because of the visible cracks and limitations of traditional western medicine, patients are now turning to softer treatments, alternatives to conventional medication. Hypnosis is an age long but comparatively little known practice. Half-way between wake and sleep, hypnosis puts the patient in a state of modified consciousness just as dream, trance, relaxation, and meditation, which are now acknowledged medical practices. Hypnosis is increasingly used by doctors at the hospital or in their private office. It is especially advised for pain relief, migraine, weight loss or sexual disorders, for more serious conditions, or further still, as an alternative to epidural anesthesia. The growing popularity of hypnosis among all kinds of health professionals, rheumatologists, gynecologists, endocrinologists, psychologists, and GPs alike, is unprecedented. How does it work ? How old is it ? Who is it for ? When is it advised ? How does it feel ? What is self-hypnosis ? This handy book will give you clear simple and practical answers to all the questions you may have about hypnosis.

    Grégory SCHOUKROUN is a doctor, a cardiologist by training, and a former assistant lecturer in the public hospitals of the city of Paris. He wrote a university thesis on hypnosis. His practices are at the edge of modern advances and value the patient-therapist relationship. The relationship between the two individuals is essential to the cure; they should never be cut off from reality. The treatment of the patient is complete and integrates that body and mind work together; prevention and coherent care are part of the health plan. His training in hypnotherapy completes his curriculum and allows him, in his practice as well as in his research, to combine the aspirations of both patient and therapist, towards a shared vision.

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