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    Lou, the little princess of the Kingdom between-two-waters

    Caroline Pastorelli , Christian Mathieu
    Publisher : Clément Editions Publication date : 2014-03
    Format : PDF,ePub

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    Lou is a little girl who lives in the countryside. Her playmates are animals and insects in the meadow where she spends most of her days. Among them there are Flagondry the dragonfly, Ladybug, Chipolata the little dog, Hip Hop the grasshopper, Bzzz the cross-eyed bee, Bruno the field mouse, Hulu and Berlu the goblins, Clochette the cat, Batty the bat and Gertrude the spider. Her life will be turned upside down when her friends decide to give her a magical power to communicate with animals. Then they can deliver her their secret ...
    "Lou, the little princess of the Kingdom Between-two-Waters" is an illustrated story for children.

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