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What should I know about the shopping process?
Once you have located the ebook you want to purchase, click the “Add to cart” button on the product page or search result page. Then you may be asked to select the ebook format you want to purchase (epub or PDF) or get the choice to continue shopping or proceed to checkout.
When clicking the “Proceed to checkout” button, you are taken to the cart page that displays all the ebooks you have selected and provides a subtotal (before any taxes are applied).
If you didn’t sign-in before you added the ebook to your cart, you will be asked to do so before checkout.

What credit cards does the ebookstore accept?
We accept Visa and MasterCard issued in the United States. On the secure checkout page, enter the card holder’s name, card number, expiration date and, if your card has one, the security code located on the back of the card.
Your card will not be charged until your order is complete.
To make shopping easier, we can save account holders’ credit card information securely. Just check the box on the checkout page to save your credit card information.

Was my order successfully placed?
As soon as your order is successfully placed, you will be taken to a “Place order” page that shows your placed order and ebook download links. We advise you to read the instructions about the download of ebooks with DRM carefully. After you place your order, you will receive an automated email confirmation including your order number and your bill.

Where can I find my order history?
Log in to your account and click the "My order history" link on the top of the page. You will be able to access all your placed orders. Select an order number to re-download the ebooks it contains and to view the corresponding bill.

Why is the ebook I tried to purchase not available?
The ebookstore is for customers in the United States only, using credit cards that have been issued in the United States. Prices are displayed in US dollars only. If you’re from an other country, please visit our EU site.

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