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Download this eBook Le rôdeur de nuit

Le rôdeur de nuit

Drew Hayden Taylor Éditions David - 2020-10-20 - ePub Affectée par le départ de sa mère, Tiffany, une jeune Anishinaabe, cherche à prendre en main son existence, entre son père et sa Mamie Ruth, sur la réserve de Lac-aux-Loutres, dans le centre de l’Ontario. Alors qu’elle compose déjà difficilement avec l’autorité de son...
Download this eBook Toronto at Dreamer's Rock & Education is Our Right

Toronto at Dreamer's Rock & Education is Our Right

Drew Hayden Taylor Fifth House Books - 2015-04-16 - ePub In these two plays, Drew Hayden Taylor delves into the past and speculates about the future as he examines the dilemmas facing young Native Canadians. Toronto at Dreamer's Rock is a moving portrayal of a teenage boy who is torn between the traditions of his people,...
Download this eBook Someday


Drew Hayden Taylor Fifth House Books - 2014-11-28 - ePub Someday is a powerful new play by award-winning playwright Drew Hayden Taylor.  The story in Someday, though told through fictional characters and full of Taylor's distinctive wit and humour, is based on the real-life tragedies suffered by many Native Canadian...
Download this eBook The Bootlegger Blues

The Bootlegger Blues

Drew Hayden Taylor Fifth House Books - 2014-03-14 - ePub This comedy by the author of Toronto at Dreamer's Rock and Education Is Our Right is about love, family, and what to do with too much beer. Set on a reserve, it follows the plight of Martha, a church-going, teetotaling woman who finds herself stuck with 143 cases of...
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