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    Download this eBook Warmism as an ideology

    Warmism as an ideology

    Rémy Prud'homme L'artilleur - 2015-12-11 - ePub This essay does not deny the 0.6-0.8°C increase in global temperature that took place during the 20th century. It tries to understand how and why this simple fact has been transformed into a militant social movement. A clue is found in Hanna Arendt analyses of...
    Download this eBook In praise of blasphemy

    In praise of blasphemy

    Caroline Fourest Grasset - 2015-12-01 - ePub “Threatened by fanatics, censored by cowards, freethinkers on all continents continue to fight on all fronts to ensure the survival of an enlightened world. And the right to commit blasphemy plays a central role in their struggle.”Caroline Fourest In the overwhelming...
    Download this eBook Around the World in 40 minutes

    Around the World in 40 minutes

    Thierry Malleret Versilio - 2015-06-18 - ePub In this simple, quick read, Thierry Malleret, doctor of economics from the Paris Institut des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales and founder of the Global Risk Network at the World Economic Forum, explains how best we can approach these changes to come out stronger. 10...
    Download this eBook The Leadership of Love

    The Leadership of Love

    Emmanuel Toniutti Éditions IECG - 2015 - PDF, ePub Emmanuel Toniutti relies on the readings of great thinkers and his experience in dealing with international leaders, to show that the “leadership of love” is not only more satisfying to all parties but also more effective. From this point of ...
    Download this eBook How to be successful in a major change projects

    How to be successful in a major change projects

    N.C. Editions d'Organisation - 2015-04-21 - PDF, ePub Successfully perform a large transformation project. The nuclear production department of EDF has launched a large transformation project of nuclear facilities maintenance, covering 19 production sites and all their staff: the OEEI project (Obtenir un état exemplaire...
    Download this eBook The Oracle of the Moon -anglais-

    The Oracle of the Moon -anglais-

    Frederic Lenoir Versilio - 2014-11-27 - ePub The Monastery of Saint Giovanni in Venere, Italy, 1545. When terrified villagers deliver a practically lifeless body to Dom Salvatore, claiming that the man has been the victim of witchcraft, the monk transgresses the rules of the monastery in order to nurse the...
    Download this eBook The last love of Edith Piaf

    The last love of Edith Piaf

    Christie Laume L'Archipel - 2015-01-01 - ePub no DRM At the age of 26, Théophanis Lamboukas meets Edith Piaf, in January 1962. He is to become her second husband and the duo will perform her last big hit, 'A quoi ça sert l'amour?'When the star's secretary, Claude Figus, introduces them to each other, Théo is so dazzled by...
    Download this eBook The Indomitable Marie-Antoinette

    The Indomitable Marie-Antoinette

    Simone Bertière Editions de Fallois - 2014-02-14 - ePub “The Indomitable Marie-Antoinette” is an valuable contribution to our understanding of the significant role women have always played in history. It is one of a series of six biographies of the queens, regents and royal mistresses of the French monarchy. In it, the...
    Download this eBook Gustave Courbet, the face of «The Origin of the World»

    Gustave Courbet, the face of «The Origin of the World»

    Rédaction De Paris Match Filipacchi - 2013-03-22 - ePub This is the story of a discovery that shook the art world and stacked expert against expert. Released a few short days after the Paris Match revelations about Gustave Courbet’s The Origin of the World, our story began in 2010 when an art collector acquired this “lustful...
    Download this eBook Double Space-time

    Double Space-time

    Claude Daviau JePublie - 2012 - PDF no DRM Amongst novelties in this book: – A better wave equation for the electron, without negative energies, – the complete resolution for the hydrogen atom, – the invariant form of the wave equation, – the Lagrangian density as the scalar part of the ...
    Download this eBook Paz


    Honoré De Balzac eBooksLib (en) - 1905-06-30 - ePub In September, 1835, one of the richest heiresses of the faubourg Saint-Germain, Mademoiselle du Rouvre, the only daughter of the Marquis du Rouvre, married Comte Adam Mitgislas Laginski, a young Polish exile.
    Download this eBook Modeste Mignon

    Modeste Mignon

    Honoré De Balzac eBooksLib (en) - 1905-06-30 - ePub Daughter of an enslaved land, angel through love, witch through fancy, child by faith, aged by experience, man in brain, woman in heart, giant by hope, mother through sorrows, poet in thy dreams, to THEE belongs this book, in which thy love, thy fancy, thy experience,...
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