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    Honoré De Balzac eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub In September, 1835, one of the richest heiresses of the faubourg Saint-Germain, Mademoiselle du Rouvre, the only daughter of the Marquis du Rouvre, married Comte Adam Mitgislas Laginski, a young Polish exile.
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    Modeste Mignon

    Honoré De Balzac eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub Daughter of an enslaved land, angel through love, witch through fancy, child by faith, aged by experience, man in brain, woman in heart, giant by hope, mother through sorrows, poet in thy dreams, to THEE belongs this book, in which thy love, thy fancy, thy experience,...
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    The Lerouge Case

    Emile Gaboriau eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub On Thursday, the 6th of March, 1862, two days after Shrove Tuesday, five women belonging to the village of La Jonchere presented themselves at the police station at Bougival.
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    The Two Brothers

    Honoré De Balzac eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub To Monsieur Charles Nodier, member of the French Academy, etc.
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    Around the World in Eighty Days

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    Michael Strogoff

    Jules Verne eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub Telegraph hourly to Tomsk, General, and keep me informed of all that occurs.
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    Paul and Virginia

    Bernadin Saint Pierre De eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub In introducing to the Public the present edition of this well known and affecting Tale, - the chef d'oeuvre of its gifted author, the Publishers take occasion to say, that it affords them no little gratification, to apprise the numerous admirers of Paul and Virginia,...
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    The Nabob

    Alphonse Daudet eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub Daudet once remarked that England was the last of foreign countries to welcome his novels, and that he was surprised at the fact, since for him, as for the typical Englishman, the intimacy of home life had great significance. However long he may have taken to win...
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    The Spirit of Laws

    Montesquieu eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub The following work may with the strictest justice be said to have done honour to human nature as well as to the great abilities of the author.The wisest and most learned man, and those most distinguished by birth and the elevation of their stations, have, in every...
    Download this eBook The Crowd, A Study of the Popular Mind

    The Crowd, A Study of the Popular Mind

    Gustave Le Bon eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub The following work is devoted to an account of the characteristics of crowds.
    Download this eBook The Original Fables of La Fontaine

    The Original Fables of La Fontaine

    Jean De La Fontaine eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub If deep wisdom, gentle satire, polite cynicism, and, above all, irresistible humour are qualities which make a book attractive then La Fontaine's Fables should be in the hands of all. Their charm is two-fold; for whilst they induce pleasurable reflection in the reader...
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    Ten Years Later

    Alexandre Père Dumas eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub In the months of March-July in 1844, in the magazine Le Siecle, the first portion of a story appeared, penned by the celebrated playwright Alexandre Dumas. It was based, he claimed, on some manuscripts he had found a year earlier in the Bibliotheque Nationale while...
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