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    Download this eBook Doctor Pascal

    Doctor Pascal

    Emile Zola eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub In the heat of the glowing July afternoon, the room, with blinds carefully closed, was full of a great calm. From the three windows, through the cracks of the old wooden shutters, came only a few scattered sunbeams which, in the midst of the obscurity, made a soft...
    Download this eBook Mystery of the Yellow Room

    Mystery of the Yellow Room

    Gaston Leroux eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub It is not without a certain emotion that I begin to recount here the extraordinary adventures of Joseph Rouletabille. Down to the present time he had so firmly opposed my doing it that I had come to despair of ever publishing the most curious of police stories of the...
    Download this eBook Within an Inch of His Life

    Within an Inch of His Life

    Emile Gaboriau eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub In the night from the 22nd to the 23rd of June, 1871, towards one o'clock in the morning, the Paris suburb of Sauveterre, the principal and most densely populated suburb of that pretty town, was startled by the furious gallop of a horse on its ill-paved streets.
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    Honoré De Balzac eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub In the year 1800, toward the close of October, a foreigner, accompanied by a woman and a little girl, was standing for a long time in front of the palace of the Tuileries, near the ruins of a house recently pulled down, at the point where in our day the wing begins...
    Download this eBook The Vicar of Tours

    The Vicar of Tours

    Honoré De Balzac eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub The permanence of the work on which I inscribe your name twice made illustrious in this century is very problematical; whereas you have graven mine in bronze which survives nations if only in their coins.The day may come when numismatists, discovering amid the...
    Download this eBook The Secret of the Night

    The Secret of the Night

    Gaston Leroux eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub BARINIA, the young stranger has arrived.
    Download this eBook Baron Trigault's Vengeance

    Baron Trigault's Vengeance

    Emile Gaboriau eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub Vengeance! that is the first, the only thought, when a man finds himself victimized, when his honor and fortune, his present and future, are wrecked by a vile conspiracy! The torment he endures under such circumstances can only be alleviated by the prospect of...
    Download this eBook The Life of the Fly

    The Life of the Fly

    J. Henri Fabre eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub The present volume contains all the essays on flies, or Diptera, from the Souvenirs entomologiques, to which I have added, in order to make the dimensions uniform with those of the other volumes of the series, the purely autobiographical essays comprised in the...
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    Anatole France eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub In those days there were many hermits living in the desert. On both banks of the Nile numerous huts, built by these solitary dwellers, of branches held together by clay, were scattered at a little distance from each other, so that the inhabitants could live alone, and...
    Download this eBook Mauprat


    George Sand eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub Napoleon in exile declared that were he again on the throne he should make a point of spending two hours a day in conversation with women, from whom there was much to be learnt. He had, no doubt, several types of women in mind, but it is more than probable that the...
    Download this eBook The Red Inn

    The Red Inn

    Honoré De Balzac eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub In I know not what year a Parisian banker, who had very extensive commercial relations with Germany, was entertaining at dinner one of those friends whom men of business often make in the markets of the world through correspondence; a man hitherto personally unknown to...
    Download this eBook The Phantom of the Opera

    The Phantom of the Opera

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