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    Download this eBook Old Maid, An

    Old Maid, An

    Honoré De Balzac eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub To Monsieur Eugene-Auguste-Georges-Louis Midy de la Greneraye Surville, Royal Engineer of the Ponts at Chausses.
    Download this eBook The Mason-Bees

    The Mason-Bees

    J. Henri Fabre eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub This volume contains all the essays on the Chalicodomae, or Mason-bees proper, which so greatly enhance the interest of the early volumes of the Souvenirs entomologiques. I have also included an essay on the author's Cats and one on Red Ants the only study of Ants...
    Download this eBook The Love-Tiff

    The Love-Tiff

    Molière eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub The Love-tiff (Le Dépit-amoureux) is composed of two pieces joined together.The first and longest is a comparatively modest imitation of a very coarse and indecent Italian comedy, L'Interesse, by Signer Nicolo Secchi; its intrigue depends chiefly on the substitution of...
    Download this eBook Amphitryon


    Molière eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub Who goes there? Eh? My fear grows with every step. Gentlemen, I am a friend to all the world. Ah! What unparalleled boldness, to be out at this hour! My master is crowned with fame, but what a villainous trick he plays me here! What? If he had any love for his...
    Download this eBook Pierre et Jean

    Pierre et Jean

    Guy De Maupassant eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub Tschah! exclaimed old Roland suddenly, after he had remained motionless for a quarter of an hour, his eyes fixed on the water, while now and again he very slightly lifted his line sunk in the sea.
    Download this eBook Zibeline


    Alexandre-Philippe-Regnier De Masa eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub MARQUIS DE MASSA, soldier, composer, and French dramatist, was born in Paris, December 5, 1831. He selected the military career and received a commission in the cavalry after leaving the school of St. Cyr. He served in the Imperial Guards, took part in the Italian and...
    Download this eBook The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte

    The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte

    Karl Marx eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte is one of Karl Marx' most profound and most brilliant monographs. It may be considered the best work extant on the philosophy of history, with an eye especially upon the history of the Movement of the Proletariat, together...
    Download this eBook The Manifesto of the Communist Party

    The Manifesto of the Communist Party

    Karl Marx eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub [From the English edition of 1888, edited by Friedrich Engels]
    Download this eBook Les Miserables

    Les Miserables

    Victor Hugo eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub So long as there shall exist, by virtue of law and custom, decrees of damnation pronounced by society, artificially creating hells amid the civilization of earth, and adding the element of human fate to divine destiny; so long as the three great problems of the century...
    Download this eBook Manon Lescaut

    Manon Lescaut

    Abbé Prévost eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub Why did he love her? Curious fool, be still! Is human love the fruit of human will?
    Download this eBook The Hollow Needle

    The Hollow Needle

    Maurice Leblanc eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub Raymonde listened. The noise was repeated twice over, clearly enough to be distinguished from the medley of vague sounds that formed the great silence of the night and yet too faintly to enable her to tell whether it was near or far, within the walls of the big country-...
    Download this eBook Arsène Lupin

    Arsène Lupin

    Maurice Leblanc eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub Oriental or Renaissance cabinets, mingled with the hues of the pictures, the tapestry, the Persian rugs about the polished floor to fill the hall with a rich glow of colour.
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