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    Download this eBook The Crystal Stopper

    The Crystal Stopper

    Maurice Leblanc eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub The two boats fastened to the little pier that jutted out from the garden lay rocking in its shadow. Here and there lighted windows showed through the thick mist on the margins of the lake. The Enghien Casino opposite blazed with light, though it was late in the...
    Download this eBook The Eight Strokes of the Clock

    The Eight Strokes of the Clock

    Maurice Leblanc eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub These adventures were told to me in the old days by Arsène Lupin, as though they had happened to a friend of his, named Prince Rénine. As for me, considering the way in which they were conducted, the actions, the behaviour and the very character of the hero, I find it...
    Download this eBook The Happy Days of the Empress Marie Louise

    The Happy Days of the Empress Marie Louise

    Imbert De Saint-Amand eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub In 1814, while Napoleon was banished in the island of Elba, the Empress Marie Louise and her grandmother, Marie Caroline, Queen of Naples, happened to meet at Vienna. The one, who had been deprived of the French crown, was seeking to be put in possession of her new...
    Download this eBook The Hated Son

    The Hated Son

    Honoré De Balzac eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub On a winter's night, about two in the morning, the Comtesse Jeanne d'Herouville felt such violent pains that in spite of her inexperience, she was conscious of an approaching confinement; and the instinct which makes us hope for ease in a change of posture induced her...
    Download this eBook The Honor of the Name

    The Honor of the Name

    Emile Gaboriau eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub On the first Sunday in the month of August, 1815, at ten o'clock precisely - as on every Sunday morning - the sacristan of the parish church at Sairmeuse sounded the three strokes of the bell which warn the faithful that the priest is ascending the steps of the altar to...
    Download this eBook Monsieur Lecoq

    Monsieur Lecoq

    Emile Gaboriau eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub At about eleven o'clock in the evening of the 20th of February, 186 -, which chanced to be Shrove Sunday, a party of detectives left the police station near the old Barriere d'Italie to the direct south of Paris. Their mission was to explore the district extending on...
    Download this eBook File No. 13

    File No. 13

    Emile Gaboriau eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub In the Paris evening papers of Tuesday, February 28, 1866, under the head of Local Items, the following announcement appeared:
    Download this eBook The Clique of Gold

    The Clique of Gold

    Emile Gaboriau eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub There is not in all Paris a house better kept or more inviting-looking than No. 23 in Grange Street. As soon as you enter, you are struck by a minute, extreme neatness, which reminds you of Holland, and almost sets you a-laughing. The neighbors might use the brass plate...
    Download this eBook The Crime of Sylvestre Bonnard

    The Crime of Sylvestre Bonnard

    Anatole France eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub I had put on my slippers and my dressing-gown. I wiped away a tear with which the north wind blowing over the quay had obscured my vision. A bright fire was leaping in the chimney of my study. Ice-crystals, shaped like fern-leaves, were sprouting over the windowpanes...
    Download this eBook The Red Lily

    The Red Lily

    Anatole France eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub The real name of the subject of this preface is Jacques-Anatole Thibault. He was born in Paris, April 16, 1844, the son of a bookseller of the Quai Malaquais, in the shadow of the Institute. He was educated at the College Stanislas and published in 1868 an essay upon...
    Download this eBook The Queen Pedauque

    The Queen Pedauque

    Anatole France eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub I. Why I recount the singular Occurrences of my Life
    Download this eBook Penguin Island

    Penguin Island

    Anatole France eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub Mael, a scion of a royal family of Cambria, was sent in his ninth year to the Abbey of Yvern so that he might there study both sacred and profane learning. At the age of fourteen he renounced his patrimony and took a vow to serve the Lord. His time was divided,...
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