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    Download this eBook Maitre Cornelius

    Maitre Cornelius

    Honoré De Balzac eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub In 1479, on All Saints' day, the moment at which this history begins, vespers were ending in the cathedral of Tours. The archbishop Helie de Bourdeilles was rising from his seat to give the benediction himself to the faithful. The sermon had been long; darkness had...
    Download this eBook Captain Fracasse

    Captain Fracasse

    Theophile Gautier eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub Upon the southern slope of one of those barren hills that rise abruptly here and there in the desolate expanse of the Landes, in South-western France, stood, in the reign of Louis XIII, a gentleman's residence, such as abound in Gascony, and which the country people...
    Download this eBook Off on a Comet

    Off on a Comet

    Jules Verne eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub Nothing, sir, can induce me to surrender my claim."
    Download this eBook The Count's Millions

    The Count's Millions

    Emile Gaboriau eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub It was a Thursday evening, the fifteenth of October; and although only half-past six o'clock, it had been dark for some time already. The weather was cold, and the sky was as black as ink, while the wind blew tempestuously, and the rain fell in torrents.
    Download this eBook Caught In The Net

    Caught In The Net

    Emile Gaboriau eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub The cold on the 8th of February, 186-, was more intense than the Parisians had experienced during the whole of the severe winter which had preceded it, for at twelve o'clock on that day Chevalier's thermometer, so well known by the denizens of Paris, registered three...
    Download this eBook The Champdoce Mystery

    The Champdoce Mystery

    Emile Gaboriau eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub The traveller who wishes to go from Poitiers to London by the shortest route will find that the simplest way is to take a seat in the stage-coach which runs to Saumur; and when you book your place, the polite clerk tells you that you must take your seat punctually at...
    Download this eBook Samuel Brohl and Company

    Samuel Brohl and Company

    Samuel Cherbuliez eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub Were the events of this nether sphere governed by the calculus of probabilities, Count Abel Larinski and Mlle. Antoinette Moriaz would almost unquestionably have arrived at the end of their respective careers without ever having met. Count Larinski lived in Vienna,...
    Download this eBook Voyages of Samuel de Champlain, Vol. 1

    Voyages of Samuel de Champlain, Vol. 1

    Samuel De Champlain eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub The labors and achievements of the navigators and explorers, who visited our coasts between the last years of the fifteenth and the early years of the seventeenth centuries, were naturally enough not fully appreciated by their contemporaries, nor were their relations to...
    Download this eBook Bureaucracy


    Honoré De Balzac eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub In Paris, where men of thought and study bear a certain likeness to one another, living as they do in a common centre, you must have met with several resembling Monsieur Rabourdin, whose acquaintance we are about to make at a moment when he is head of a bureau in one of...
    Download this eBook Bel Ami

    Bel Ami

    Guy De Maupassant eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub After changing his five-franc piece Georges Duroy left the restaurant. He twisted his mustache in military style and cast a rapid, sweeping glance upon the diners, among whom were three saleswomen, an untidy music-teacher of uncertain age, and two women with their...
    Download this eBook The Village Rector

    The Village Rector

    Honoré De Balzac eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub The tiniest boat is not launched upon the sea without the protection of some living emblem or revered name, placed upon it by the mariners. In accordance with this time-honored custom, Madame, I pray you to be the protectress of this book now launched upon our literary...
    Download this eBook Vautrin


    Honoré De Balzac eBooksLib (en) - 2008 - ePub It is difficult for the playwright to put himself, five days after the first presentation of his piece, in the situation in which he felt himself on the morning after the event; but it is still more difficult to write a preface to Vautrin, to which every one has written...
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